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Case study 2:
Consolidation of capital and merger of London Market Insurance Companies

The challenge

A large global Insurer needed to rationalise their European structure and increase capital in the UK insurance company to remain competitive in the Market.

The process
  • LMD conducted a current state assessment of existing corporate structure and completed analysis of viable alternatives including necessary dividend flows.
  • LMD assessed and planned all of the legal and migration activities that would be required to support the transfer.
  • LMD managed the merger, dissolution and Court process for the affected insurance companies into the UK legal entity.
  • LMD led the programme for all these elements to stand up the new UK Insurance Company timed for the next renewal season.
The outcome

The plan was executed as per the plan and in line with the external market communications that had been delivered. A formal external market survey was completed for London Market stakeholders following the merger and the extremely positive feedback that was received by the participants and in the media demonstrated the benefits of completing the project.

The testimonial

"We were extremely grateful to LMD for their guidance throughout this difficult project and for juggling all of the elements, technical and legal throughout"

- UK Operations Director.
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