Programme Management Assurance and Executive Support Services
"There is in the act of preparing, the moment you start caring." - Winston Churchill
What added value can London Market Dynamics provide?
  • Structure. Mobilise quickly by deploying established methodology to establish effective governance framework, workstream scope and project plans.
  • Analysis. Propose methodologies for analysing and validating structural alternatives and for breaking down complex, interdependent programmes.
  • Quality assurance. Experience in helping workstreams and third parties provide high quality outputs and facilitating these deliverables through senior Steering Committee’s.
  • Organisation. Quickly establish the culture of cross-functional working, regular reporting and measurement against objectives.
  • Dedication. 100% focus on your project, no distractions or head office reporting and minimal administration.
  • Communication. Provide effective communication of ideas and deliverables between workstreams and the Steering Committee using tried and tested methods.
  • Support and rapport. Friendly but pragmatic approach to the facilitation of the programme, organisation of workstream activity and production of deliverables.
  • Independence. Impartial services and no affiliation to any other organisation or firm. Can work without conflict of interest alongside any third party companies or advisors.
LMD Philosophy